The weirdest Spa treatments!

Poop on your face? Carps eating your feet? This is not a joke, those are real Spa treatments for brave ones. The list of 5 of the most weirdest Spa offers will give you shivers!

1. Snake massage

Photo of woman having the Snake Massage

Apparently, unusual massage technique in da Baraks carnivorous plant farm in Israel is very relaxing. We hope it is, thought if you are afraid of snakes better not go for such a service.

2. Cactus Massage


Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico, offers the Hakali massage – the application of a warm mixture of cactus. It supposes to remove toxins and rehydrates the skin, so must be very refreshing!

3. Carp Pedicure

Photo of Carp Pedicure

This practice is more and more popular in the United States recently but firstly was offered in Turkish salons. During this treatment client’s feet are immersed in tanks of water and tiny carps are nibbling away dead skin. This treatment is now offered in a lot of Spas, for example at Yvonne’s Day Spa in Alexandria.

4. Sound bath, California

Integratron, California

They say the building of Integratron on Californian desert was inspired by ‘alien visit’. Whether it’s true or not, you can experience something very interesting in this place. Integratron offers Sound Baths – an hour of sonic healing sessions. Clients lie back in a chamber and are ‘immersed’ in the sounds of crystal bowls resonating within the room.

5. Geisha Nightingale Excrement Facial

Photo of woman having a face mask with nightingale droppings

In past, the traditional Japanese geishas used a face mask containing nightingale droppings. This birds’ poop, as it’s said, contains enzymes that supposed to break down dead skin cells and guanine, which apparently gives your face a warm glow. The Shizuka New York Day Spa offers a modernized, sanitary version of the treatment.


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